Six Sigma Academy is an independent internationally accredited organization from The International Board of Six Sigma Accreditation that helps Organizations and Professionals in South Pacific Region get accredited with worldwide renowned and recognized Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Training. We assist organizations and individuals that needs to implement lean six sigma implementation. We also provide training and certification programs that helps organizations and individuals achieve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

In addition to this, we assist direct consultancy services for companies and businesses to enhance its efficiency, productivity and profitability. We work with CEOS, directors , managers and ground level staffs to create effective strategies and improvement initiatives using Lean Six Sigma to achieve this. Using Lean Six Sigma your organization can provide the best quality products and services at the lowest prices. Not forgetting reducing cost of operations and increasing margins. When we talk about cost we also account for cost of poor quality (COPQ).


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Lean Six Sigma Overview

An overview of what Lean Six Sigma is in a nutshell. Six Sigma Academy – South Pacific’s Voice for Quality is institution providing online and face to face lean six sigma courses and examinations to certify professionals. Six Sigma Academy provides consultancy services to corporate/ enterprises in process engineering and implementation of lean six sigma at various levels.

Course Overview

Lean Six Sigma at many organizations simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection…

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training provides insight to the techniques of Six Sigma, its metrics…

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills…

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Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training provides thorough knowledge of Six Sigma philosophies…

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Six Sigma (6σ) is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement.

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Six Sigma Consultants all over the world have developed proprietary methodologies

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Six Sigma (6σ) The process that led to Six Sigma was originated in the 19th Century with the bell curve developed by Carl

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