About Us

Six Sigma Academy is an independent internationally accredited organization from The International Board of Six Sigma Accreditations ( IBSA) which helps Organizations and Professionals in South Pacific Region get accredited with worldwide renowned and recognized Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certifications and prove their competence in Six Sigma domain. We empower Six Sigma Professionals in the South Pacific Region by enhancing them to build their Career in Six Sigma and contribute to the continuous process improvement.

We are the South Pacific’s Voice for Quality where we want to uplift the quality of services in various industries.

Empowering Six Sigma Professionals

Six Sigma Academy has partnered with University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) , a well renowned regional institute will deliver six sigma seminars, workshops, short courses and various certification levels at various facilities around the South Pacific.

Companies and Organizations now that want to undergo certifications in South Pacific Region now can do at various local centers in South Pacific.

Six Sigma is an open Problem Solving and Quality Improvement Framework, and yet before Six Sigma Academy was founded for you, there has been no reasonable way for Six Sigma Professionals like yourself to obtain Six Sigma Certifications and to prove your competence in Six Sigma domain. Six Sigma Professionals had to pay expensive fees for the one way profit-driven Six Sigma Certification Programs of other Certification Entities overseas.

We aim to remove these barriers set in front of the Six Sigma Professionals in developed, developing and emerging markets by saving them from paying unreasonable fees for Six Sigma Classroom Trainings and Six Sigma Certification Examinations before they certify their know how in Six Sigma. We now are offering local certifications through well-structured own database of all six sigma professionals in South Pacific Region

Six Sigma Academy also offers complete direct implementation of Lean Six Sigma at various companies and organizations. Our master black belt can review your organizations processes and use advance tools and resources and provide high end process engineering consultancy that will  help you achieve your goals and objectives. This is our additional service apart from providing education on Six Sigma Academy.

What Six Sigma Academy is all About

The International Board For Six Sigma Accreditation (IBSA) was formed in 2002 to ensure governance of Six Sigma quality control methodologies. Six Sigma is a open Problem Solving and Quality Improvement Framework. Our Board was formed on request of all concerned members to take this open problem solving to a more standardized approach and for last decade our members have benefited from it.