Online Learning

Please register in our website and online courses will be there for you to browse from. It will be available in your user dashboard. Once you signup for the online course your application is vetted by our team to ensure you qualify for the certifications. Only white belt is open for all general public where as other belt you need to have completed white belt certification in order to proceed with other belts. Also required in higher belt is you need to have work experiences.

Once your registration online is approved for a particular course we will be send invoice and payment details options.

One it is paid you will be given Full access to your course materials and videos. Please note once completed online training, enroll for examination. You can set your day and time and examination will start at that day and time. Alternatively you can email us and we can set this up for you.

Examination Times. (Please note its multiple choice)

White Belt Certification = 1 hour 

Yellow Belt Certification = 2 hour 

Green Belt Certification = 2 hour 

Black Belt Certification = 2 hour 

Master Black Belt Certification = 3 hour 

75% Pass rate is required in order for us to register you at The International Board for Six Sigma Accreditation and Issue you an Certificate. Your Certificate will be mailed to your mailing address. At this stage we do not send digital certificates. You will receive one hard copy certificate.