The Process Engineering Reports & Consulting is to carry out project management with planning as the guide, investment management and control as the main line and value-added as the goal. Traditional construction mode is to design, construction and supervision of construction projects, such as phase separated, each unit is responsible for different stages and different professional work.

Whereby, implementations of Process Engineering Reports & Consulting, with highly integrated service contents, not only saves the investment cost, but also helps to shorten the project duration, improve the service quality and project quality, and effectively avoid risks, which is the embodiment of policy guidance and industrial progress.


This not only increases the cost, and the division of the construction project internal relations, in the process because of a lack of whole industry chain of the overall control, the flow of information is cut off, it is easy to cause all sorts of problems in the process of construction project management, and bring the hidden danger of safety and quality makes it hard for the owner to get the complete building products and services.