Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training provides insight to the techniques of Six Sigma, its metrics, and basic improvement methodologies. A yellow belt certifies knowledge of how to integrate Six Sigma methodologies for the improvement of production and transactional systems to better meet customer expectations and bottom-line objectives of their organization.

Top Reasons Why People REALLY Choose this Certification

  • Career Advancement

Once certified in Six Sigma, their luck changes overnight.  As many companies have begun implementing Six Sigma methodologies, we have seen a dramatic impact on whether or not someone lands their dream job.  Employers are eager to eliminate business errors, but there are simply not enough certified professionals to meet the enormous worldwide demand.  Once HR sees a Six Sigma qualification, the candidate commonly goes to the top of the resume stack.

  • Job Security

Rule #1 in acquiring job security is “make yourself indispensable to your employer”.  The purpose of Six Sigma is to reduce defects in a process.  When companies face layoffs, they depend on their Six Sigma force more – not less.  These employees are an organization’s front line in raising profits through cost saving initiatives.  If the downturn is national or global, prospective opportunities and salaries can become even better as the competition between organizations for experienced Six Sigma professionals heats up.

  • Help Your Organization Eliminate Errors

Six Sigma Methodologies can transform an organization by identifying and eliminating errors that would have otherwise created poor customer satisfaction and profit losses to the business.  A Certified Six Sigma professional can help across any industry to optimize any process or system leading to both hard and soft savings.

  • Leadership Opportunities

When you are capable of making a significant impact across your organization as well as being viewed as an indispensable asset to your organization, it goes without saying that leadership opportunities will become extremely common.  In fact, the more you advance your Six Sigma skill set, the more opportunities will present themselves.

The Role of the Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

A Yellow Belt typically has a basic knowledge of Six Sigma, but does not lead projects on their own. They are often responsible for the development of process maps to support Six Sigma implementation. A Yellow Belt participates as a core team member or subject matter expert (SME) on a project or projects. In addition, Yellow Belts may often be responsible for running smaller process improvement projects using the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology. PDCA, often referred to as the Deming Wheel, enables Yellow Belts to identify processes that could benefit from improvement.

This course will teach Six Sigma Methodologies both DMAIC & DMADV

  • Detail knowledge in working with teams.
  • Six Sigma & Organization goals
  • Basic failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Business results for projects
  • Project Management Six Sigma Tools/Software’s
  • Advance application and implementation of DMAIC & DMADV methodologies

DMAIC: (Improve existing processes/reengineering processes)

  • Define Phase exploration
  • Measure phase exploration
  • Analyze phase exploration
  • Improve phase exploration
  • Control phase exploration

DMADV: (Create successful new processes)

  • Define Phase exploration
  • Measure phase exploration
  • Analyze phase exploration
  • Design phase exploration
  • Verify phase exploration

Duration: Three days. Fees:

After this course candidates will be officially be registered in Fiji Six Sigma professional database. Yellow Belt Certification with 1-year full membership.

Who should attend?

σ Corporates, quality assurance staffs, business professionals, directors, managers
σ Those interested in becoming Six Sigma professionals and advance in Six Sigma Belt Certification program.

Prerequisites: Must have some certifications in Six sigma fundamentals or have white belt six sigma certified by relevant authorities

σ Must have 1-year work experience

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