Systems Analysis and Design

as it is sometimes called, is the process of creating and maintaining information systems. Notice that this process concerns information systems, not just computer programs. Building computer networks, writing computer programs, and implementing data models require technical skills. But there are many other non-technical skills required in systems analysis and design. Establishing the system’s goals, setting up the projects, determining requirements, interviewing users and understanding their views of the business, and designing procedures require business knowledge and an understanding of group dynamics

What is a System?

The word System is derived from Greek word Systema, which means an organized relationship between any set of components to achieve some common cause or objective.

A system is “an orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific goal.”

Constraints of a System

A system must have three basic constraints −

  • A system must have some structure and behaviorwhich is designed to achieve a predefined objective.
  • Interconnectivityand interdependence must exist among the system components.
  • The objectives of the organizationhave a higher priority than the objectives of its subsystems.

For example, traffic management system, payroll system, automatic library system, human resources information system.