Lean and six sigma started with manufacturing industry and now has evolved rapidly into other industries. It has successfully applied in heath sector, call center, back office processing’s, financial /banking’s sectors, textiles, hardware, ICT and also has even tested and applied in various government departments.

Our training courses that we are offering will go through case studies in these industries and our goal is to ensure the managers are applying lean six sigma methodologies in their organization. The concepts these days people can google it. There so many online resources available. The idea beind six sigma training is to ensure lean six sigma is applied in the industry.

We all are looking for skilled workers and critical thinkers. How to get them trained? Where is the measurement system and employee engagement. How to ensure they are taking ownership of their processes.

This is the main reason why lean six sigma has a belt system. It ensures workers, team leaders and managers utilize their talents and use data driven analyze in detecting and preventing defects in the processes and further streamline their operations.

Below is how an organization gets certified in belt system and become expert in lean six sigma and how the pyramid changes when they apply in organization. Since when implementing in organization the role of executives and champions comes in